Hey, thanks for stopping by! I'm a still life photographer based in the breezy beautiful Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

From as far back as I can remember my father had a great understanding of photography and captured family moments brilliantly which always inspired me to take good pictures. I always had some sort of camera growing up. My most memorable one was shaped like a Coors Light beer can. The lens popped out the side when you pressed a button. It was so cool. 

I still have the first photograph I took that really resonated with me. I used a pin hole camera made from a shoe box. I took the image of my french teacher's BMW 3 series and the print was clear enough to read the registration plate. 

After graduating from the Fine Print department at the National College of Art and Design in 2010 I took a year out from making art to making music for a change of pace and had wonderful experiences making records and playing gigs across Europe with two other amazing musicians. 

I started assisting and shooting after that as much as I possibly could soaking up every aspect of photography and still life commercial photography most of all and have never looked back. 

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